fiber glass grid

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fiber glass grid

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Product Description
Glass fiber geogrid is a kind of good Geosynthetics for Pavement Strengthening, old road strengthening, strengthening subgrade and soft soil base. Glass fiber geogrid high-strength non alkali glass fiber, through the international advanced warp knitting process made of network base material, coated by the surface of the semi-rigid products made of. With the warp and weft two-way high tensile strength and low elongation, and high temperature resistance, low temperature, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, is widely used in the asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement and subgrade reinforcement and railway roadbed, dam slope, airport runway, anti sand control project.
Product Usage
1, the old asphalt concrete pavement reinforced, reinforced asphalt surface, prevention and treatment of disease.
2, cement concrete pavement reconstruction, composite pavement, inhibit plate contraction caused by reflective cracks.
3, road extension project to prevent new and old junction and uneven settlement caused by cracks.
4. soft soil reinforced soft soil treatment, can effectively inhibit drainage consolidation, settlement, uniform stress distribution, enhance the overall strength of subgrade.
5, the semi steel base of the new road produces shrinkage cracks, reinforcing and strengthening the pavement cracks caused by the reflection of the basic cracks.fiber glass grid


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